Thursday, August 11, 2016

Early Morning Gifts..

                  For the last few months my new wake up call has been 3 am..I chalk it up to my new work out routine and needing that personal time. I've picked up Yoga and various challenges that promise to whip my weak stomach muscles into shape. I am allowing more time for myself these days and if it needs to come at 3 am then so be it.. Every so often I am given a beautiful sunrise to take in..It's worth getting up for!

I have a stack of bread photos and recipes that need to be posted. I am thinking of changing this over to nothing but bread and general ramblings about everyday life with some photos thrown's basically what it has always been but not so much of everyday recipes. I am burned out and need a switch and as we move on to the second stage of our lives I will chat about that more.

In the meantime I wish you a wonderful summer that is slowly turning into fall! Once my 16 year old heads back to school in a few weeks I think I will head back over here and post some delicious bread recipes.