Monday, April 18, 2016

Car Free and Other Updates

                  So..we're a car free household. Have been for a few weeks now and will continue to be until the next chapter in our lives comes into play. It's a strange world when you don't have a car. There is this mentality of sticking it to the man when you decide to ditch the car and all the fees that come along with it. You suddenly feel more in control of what you do,where you go,and the game you play of cramming in as much as you can into the saddle bags and crate.

That's my bike. The saddle bags you see in the back have been upgraded to 60 liter saddle bags and let me tell you..I can pretty much fit all my groceries in there plus a small child. This is how you function Dutch style. Back home I wouldn't dare go without a car. It's to dangerous and everything is so spaced out anyway that not having a car would be insane. Plus,bikes and American drivers just do not mix. Over here, I am Queen of the road.

Most Dutch neighborhoods are equipped with various grocery stores,pharmacy,doctors office,mailing office,butcher shop,hair salon,clothing store, and anything else they can cram into the shopping section. I can be at my doctor's office and grocery store within a 5 minute bike ride. I can head to the city center and train station within that amount of time as always takes longer by car when you sit and wait for the lights and then fight like mad dogs to claim a parking spot. I can now zoom in and out without any issue. This country is made for bikers. The rules regarding biking here are incredible and I honestly feel safer on a bike than in a car. The biking routes and paths are vast,beautiful and quick. So all in's been fun. I will probably change my tune when winter hits again and we then need to deal with the rain,sleet,ice roads and snow. I will plan accordingly and I can always have my groceries delivered if need be.

Plus..I don't get care what the weather is anyway. The money we save from not having one that then goes into savings makes me so happy I could weep. Times are changing and plans have been set in motion. My time is coming to an end here.

I have so much I want to say. So.Much. But I can't. There will be a time when I can write and speak about things that I love,things I am working on,and my hopes for my future with my husband and two teenage sons..which by the way, one is about to turn 18!! 

I would love to tell you that I have been outside enjoying the summer like weather but I keep waiting for it to actually arrive....