Monday, February 22, 2016

DIY Flavored Coffee

             I've talked about this many times but one of the habits I have picked up since moving here in 2007 is coffee. I never drank it before then. I think I tried it a few times but hated it. I hated the taste,hated the smell,hated everything about it.

I never understood anyone's love for Starbucks..AND I will stand by that statement. I do not get anyone's love for that overpriced sickeningly sweet processed drink. 

I do understand the love for coffee now though. I love it. I love the smell of it. I love the act of making it. I love the smile I get when I take my first sip. I get it. I really really do. I also get the need to have some kind of flavor..not a sickeningly sweet flavor but even then..I might not like  it but more power to you if it brings you some joy to swing by somewhere and pick one up. What I am after is a hint of a flavor that doesn't require anything more than what you have in your cupboard.

You can make the coffee with any spice you like. I have tried cinnamon and apple pie and pumpkin pie spice. All have worked. All you do is sprinkle the spice on top of your coffee grounds and the flavor will drip down into the coffee pot as it brews. That's it. How much you use will depend on your taste buds. My husband isn't a fan of anything other than straight black coffee so when I make it for myself I only brew enough for two cups at a time. I maybe and it's a big maybe add in 1/8 of a I said it's just a sprinkle. You don't want to ruin the whole experience so start out small and see how you like it.

Flavored coffee without all of the additives. It's a good a thing.