Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Triscuits in Germany!!!!

                    One of the things I love most about living in The Netherlands is my foodie expat community. We have a wonderful Facebook group going on where we share everything from recipes,how to help, scheduling a yearly foodie themed pot luck,to where to find this or that. This was a recent discovery..Triscuits in Germany.
       For anyone else who stumbles upon this post..You can find these at a store called Edeka. I was able to pick from original or Paprika flavored. I know there are more flavors but those were the two I spotted during my visit there today. I came home and opened the box up right away. They are almost exactly like home. The one difference is the slight difference in texture and flavor..these ones were more firm but honestly..if you are a fan of Triscuits like I am..Buy these. I loved them and will be going back for more. I will say they are crazy salty but so are the ones back home. I won't be eating them often but more like a treat now and again.

It's the little things sometimes. I am one happy camper!