Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Take A Peek Wednesday: Container Garden Update!

                  One of my biggest complaints about living in The Netherlands is the weather. We can have one amazing summer and the next 3 or 4 can be total crap when it comes to warmth..So far this summer has blown the big one. We've had two whole days of 90 degree weather and next week it will be dropping into the 60's..with rain of course because it wouldn't be Holland without it.  I've had a feeling it would be like this so I decided to put up my large green house months ago to save myself several crying sessions when my veggies wouldn't grow.

 Normally I would have almost everything outside but instead you can only see my golden raspberry bush in the middle,carrots are off to the upper left side and the bottom left are my potatoes. At some point along the right side there will be huge sunflowers! It's my first time growing those and hopefully by the end of summer I will have gigantic brightly colored sunflowers. This year I concentrated on only two main crops and those are zucchini and cucumbers..everything else is a bonus if it grows.
         I've got several types of zucchini growing in all stages.

    I've been able to harvest two fat zucchini's and instantly turned those into fritters for lunch. They were so delicious!
    I'm growing two types of cucumbers and this one is called Patio Snacker Cucumber. I grew them last year in my big front window! The second type is a lemon cucumber and I grew those about 4 years ago. They are so neat looking and will take pics of those when they show up.
       What's going on in your garden and how has your summer been?