Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Take A Peek Wednesday: A Walk Through The Neighborhood

               A week or so ago my youngest came down stairs to announce he was in need of a book written in Dutch by a Dutch author. Normally that's not a big deal..simply go to the library and check one out. Only his bike was being used by my husband and he wasn't exactly sure about how to get there and I so wasn't in the mood to walk into town. 
               So off we went to the neighborhood bookstore/mail office/ office supply store/Hallmark type thing without all the cute ornaments or figurines. So this is my neighborhood and this is the store I shop at once a week..or several depending on what I forgot during my weekly shop.
     I miss American cars....every so often I will see a large truck of some kind and it makes me laugh. For one..they do NOT know how to drive or park the large can tell by how wonky they park while taking up 4 spaces because they can't seem to get the truck in straight. In their defense I will say that that parking spots are smaller and more narrow..but still. If you are going to drive it, then learn how to park it! Secondly, it costs an arm and a leg to fill your car up here so this is costing them that and both their legs each time they fill it up. Still..I miss American cars. Can you spot that sign up there? lets look closer...

         Yep..KFC and letting you know it's open until 2 am...And no, I have never ever gone there. I just can't. They don't even serve the gravy or the biscuits!

           It's common to have homes on top of businesses here. They cram you into any available space that they can.

                The bottom part of that building is my doctor's office. I've been there a total of 3 times. Behind me is the store I took my son to but didn't want to snap a photo with all of the people walking by. I am so not comfortable snapping pics with random people being in it. I miss American neighborhoods..and houses!