Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Take A Peek Wednesday: Running Errands

                 So let's run some errands together..but first..lets take in the beautiful sunshine that is pouring through my front window. It makes me so happy.
               The back yard has seen better days I'm afraid. It's super cold over here and I've been working on digging up the remains of what was left over from the summer. I pretty much suck at weeding and yard work in general. It's probably why I keep a container garden..less mess to deal with. I have such plans for this area though. I've got my seed list made and will be ordering everything soon. I plan on growing way more than I did last year!!

                   My husband and I decided to grab some lunch before we officially began our long list of things that needed to be done so it was off to Intratuin. It's a large garden center with a cafe. This was our view. If you look straight ahead and slightly to the left you will see my favorite section. The kitchen department. It's overpriced for sure but I do love walking through there and grabbing something small to take along with us.

                  But first..lets eat! I always get the same thing when we go here. A sandwich that has cheese,ham,cucumber,tomato and sliced hard boiled egg. I usually get it with a cup of coffee or cappuccino. We don't go out for a meal to often so I enjoy these times where we can sit and chat about things. 

                    On our way out we grabbed a small bag of jelly beans to share. I am a full on jelly bean freak..and an orange slice, swedish fish and any other sort of gummy freak. I can't get those over here so I get my fix every so often via jelly beans!

             Sadly this was my last shot. I didn't realize the battery was low on my point and shoot until I took this photo. We were on our way to Gronau,which is the first town when we come to when we cross the border into Germany. It takes about 10 minutes and we head there every few weeks to stock up on a few things that are cheaper over there.

What's your weather like where you are? We've had snow flurries but nothing has stuck thank goodness. We are in the low 30's but it's been dry which is nice. I can't wait til summer!