Friday, December 5, 2014

Golden Santa Bread

                   This holiday season I decided to tackle each and everyone one of my sweet bread recipes that scream Christmas in one form or another. I hope to get to each one so in order to do this I need to bake a new recipe up each and every weekend..My family is of course excited by this so I am getting lots of encouragement to go for gold and bake every single one up that I can.

First on my list was the Golden Santa Bread. I new going into this that it wouldn't look anything like the original. I went and looked up other bloggers who had made the bread and we have all one thing in common: It looks nothing like the original. I am not saddened by this at all but I say this in order for you not to feel like you did something wrong. You didn't. It's just one of those things where the original and what happens in real life are two totally different things. I am sure I could bake this up again and work out different ways to make it more santa like..but that takes away from the whole experience of just getting into the kitchen and having fun with it.

I am not going to bother typing the recipe out. I will include a link that has both the tutorial on how to make it as well as a link to the recipe on the Taste of Home website. I changed two things about the recipe and that was to add less sugar and in orange zest. The one tip I have is to go all out on the beard. To me that's the sticking point of a good Santa..and mine failed. It looked like it was going to be a great beard but the face was to thick and looking back I should have made his face longer and thinner and concentrated more on making the beard the largest part of him.

None the less this was such a fun project to do and a real winner if you have young kids in the house..or teenaged kids who pretend like it's no big deal that you are creating a santa face but laugh and smile when they see it all complete.

So here is the link and do let me know if you give a try! See you next week with a new holiday bread recipe!

Golden Santa Bread