Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Take A Peek Wednesday: Container Garden Lessons

                My container garden is finished for the year and as I look back I can see where I went wrong and what I got right. First up..wildflowers. I am so glad I purchased a wildflower mix that was made especially for bees and butterflies. It helped in more ways than I could imagine. My little garden was a daily hang out for those wonderful pollinators and I was forever grateful. I will continue to plant as many flowers as possible to attract even more next year.
                        I learned that when growing carrots that you must,must,must thin them out! I didn't do it and because of that,my rainbows came out in various shapes and sizes. They tasted amazing and will grow those again for sure. I blanched them and put them in freezer to enjoy this winter! A shot of color during the darker days will be very much welcomed.

             I learned that although it's fun to grow a new should only grow a few the first year to see if you even like it..and then grow more. The mouse melons were not a success for us taste wise. They grew like the amazon rain forest and attached themselves to every living thing they could get their sticky little climbing hands on. I was not impressed.
           I also learned that this will be my last year growing tomatoes. I had tomatoes coming out my ears and only the chickens and I were eating them on a daily basis..No more of growing what we might eat but more of what I know we will eat.
              I learned that harvesting potatoes is crazy fun. My husband and I dumped our containers out and laughed as we dug through the dirt to find our prized nuggets. Those were hands down, the best potatoes I have ever eaten. I will be growing those again but ditching the container method and moving on to something larger. I want way way way more potatoes next year.

I've learned a lot. I could have done a better job with some of my veggies and next year I'm planting 3 times as many zucchini..since we seem to eat a TON of that. Carrots and potato production will be kicked up a notch, and so will cucumbers. I plan on growing more strawberries since those were a huge hit. My banana shallots didn't make it, my rhubarb was a huge success..but I didn't harvest a single one since they say not to touch it the first year. The leaves are elephant ears big! I can't wait until next summer..It's going to be bigger and better!