Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Take A Peek Wendesday: Where Has Summer Gone?


                I'm currently participating in a 100 day happy challenge. You post a pic everyday,for 100 days of something that makes you happy. This was my pic for yesterday..Rain...We are in a stretch of miserable non stop rain.

The happy part was that I baked up some cookies..because a rainy day really does require freshly baked cookies.

I sure hope summer makes a return. I've got corn and watermelons that are relying on it. Not to mention my spirit. I need more sun and warmth! 


lytha said...

Both our cities are being put through the rinse cycle! I made chocolate chip cookies too but I feel the opposite about this rain. FINALLY some cool days! Of course, I cannot mow my lawn and it needs it. Time to pull out a board game and put coffee on. Love your rain photo! Check out this one of the Space Needle:

Sonya said...

That IS a cool photo of the Space Needle!

I need less rain and more sun over here..I'm getting a seriously raw deal when it comes to summer this year :(