Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Take A Peek Wednesday: What I'm Harvesting

                   My backyard is alive with bees,butterflies, and food! The chickens are laying eggs,my veggies are growing, and I am just so thankful for it all. So what have we been eating, you ask?

              The sweetest strawberries and golden raspberries,for one! I realize I should have planted at least 5 container raspberry bushes because they taste that good. I had forgotten how sweet berries are when you grow them yourself. It's such a treat to walk out there and pluck a few and eat them while checking on everything.

                 My patio snacker cucumbers are growing like weeds! We,along with the hens have been snacking on these delicious cucumbers..which by the way,were grown entirely in my front window! I will have to take a picture of it because it grew 3 times bigger than I had imagined and the cucumbers are way bigger than I expected. I laugh every time I see people walking by only to stop and come back to see what it is we have growing. I did not plan to grow them in our front window but the plants grew so tall so quickly that I was afraid to move them.

         I have been so worried about my baby corn and my blue jade sweet corn. I lost a lot of corn..I could totally relate to poor Charles Ingalls from Little House On The Prairie when that man lost a corn crop for the millionth time. I nearly cried over the 7 plants I lost and vowed to never try again. I kept pushing forward though and was so happy when I saw them thriving finally.

           They've done so well that I was finally able to harvest my first baby corn! Isn't it cute??? It looks just like the corn from the cans you can purchase..but it tastes a million times better. My corn crop won't be a huge one but I still managed to grow the baby corn and that is something. My blue jade still has a ways to go before I know if it worked or not..but they are getting taller by the day and look great! I grew corn people...CORN!

          My golden zucchini is doing very well and we are eating a ton of that.

           I love the funky shapes they come in..this one looks like an egg plant! 
 Now for what I'm waiting on: My potato plants are kicking major butt and have started to flower. I reached in the bag to see if I could find anything..I pulled out a small new potato! I am going to wait until the plants are done flowering and by then the potatoes should be of a decent size. I'm waiting on string less celery that I forgot to take a picture of. They are coming along just fine and look like cute little celery stalks right now.

             My rainbow carrots are doing well but need some more time before I can pluck those out.

          My mouse melons are coming along..still way to small yet but they are thriving in the green house.

             My pear tomatoes are coming along and so are my tiny tim tomatoes. I've got small watermelons growing but I am not sure about those. We need some massive warm days and so far those have been few and far between. 

I happily spend every moment I can sitting outside and listening to the buzzing of the bees..speaking of bees...

     I spotted this poor tired little chap the other day as I was taking the clothes out to the dryer. Someone on my facebook page had posted about feeding these guys a little sugar water if they appeared to be still and close to death. I guess they are ok but are in need of a sugar boost. I ran inside, mixed up a little sugar water and took it out to him. He crawled over and started drinking right away..within minutes he was just fine and on his way again :) Hopefully as a thank you he stopped off and did some pollination for the zucchini plants!