Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Take A Peek Wednesday: How I'm Spending My Sumer Vacation!

                 How has your summer been? I've been busy..busy in the garden,busy on day trips, busy around the house, and busy trying to get some relaxation in there. 
                  The garden is coming along nicely and have already made some mental notes for next years garden. Like..plant 3 times the amount of zucchini because we are already out. I had one plant that didn't produce anything! I've learned my lesson with in, don't even bother in this climate. I'm waiting on my blue jade corn to come into harvest as well.

           I've been hitting up the local second hand shops and was thrilled to finally find an egg wire basket! is it no the neatest thing ever? The second hand shops here are for the most part seriously disappointing but every so often you can score something fabulous.

                     We've gone on a bunch of nature walks..I'm determined to soak up as much vitamin d as possible before the long dark days of winter hit us..and you know they are coming!

                  In just a few short weeks the boys will be heading off to school and my husband will be headed off for a new job adventure. So for now please excuse my absence. I am loving the time with my family and will return soon.

I have so many things to share with you all..I finally made a sourdough starter that is thriving. I've baked so much bread it's unreal. I'm learning new ways of stretching the food budget. So stay tuned and I wish you all a wonderful summer!


lytha said...

wow you have a sandy beach!

my garden is not worth photographing, i failed at almost everything this year. things i normally succeed at. oh well!

i recently realized my husband has never had a corndog in his life. i think this is an important experience. has your family? hm, my man doesn't like mustard though, so that might be odd. who dips a corn dog in ketchup (kids maybe?). i need to find some little wooden skewers and somehow, a good brand of hot dog. since i've never had a good hot dog here, this might be a pipe dream.

speaking of unhealthy food, did you see the video of the walmart ice cream sandwich (mmm) that will not melt in the sun? it was moderately interesting. but the follow-up video of walmart ice that will not melt in the sun, i laughed so hard i cried (at the end):!btM5lV

Sonya said...

That's not a beach..just a stream area where you can walk :) the beaches here are packed like sardines with people. I refuse to go to them. I miss Oregon beaches!

Yep we've had tons of A friend finally found American style hotdogs here and she gave me a pack two weeks ago. I don't know if it's worth a hunt for you, but we have a ton of Turkish and Oriental stores here and those are the places to find some great things. I get all my dried beans there,you can find various American items at the Tokos (Asian shops) and the Turkish store is where the American style hotdogs can be found..You might google some of those to see if there are in your area. I think I'm going to make pretzel dogs with the hotdogs she gave me..kinda like corndogs but

I have seen that video around Facebook and other that should surprise The food in the U.S. is pretty scary!

likeschocolate said...

Pizza bread sounds like heaven! Have a great weekend!