Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Take A Peek Wendesday: Falconry Class


                      A little over a week ago I took a 4 hour falconry class with my husband. It was one of the best afternoons I have spent since moving here.

                       There was about 15 of us and we were all able to put on a glove and have these magnificent birds fly to us.

                 This is an African Snake Eagle. Isn't she beautiful? it was her very first time working with a crowd and did a brilliant job. There was one though that had me a bit worried. She was big and beautiful..and so very very powerful. She could snap our fingers clean off if she wanted to. She literally flew circles around us.

                        She was an American Bald Eagle. You could hear her powerful wings and she zipped right passed us and as her eyes quickly scanned the entire country side, she would briefly lock her gaze upon you and you couldn't help but be slightly afraid.  She was the reason I was so excited for the class. She was going to fly right to me! As I walked up for my turn they plunked a baby chicken head inside my glove. I held my hand up as high as I could and waited for her to take flight. She reached me within seconds and I gasped when I saw her talons come forward to land. 

            It was an experience I will never ever forget. As I waited for her to leave my arm I quickly paid attention to everything I could. My arm was starting to sag from her weight so I had to put my other hand underneath to give better support. She was panting because of how warm it was outside. She was shiny and perfect and focused. She spotted the food in the other persons hand and got ready. She gripped my arm,gave a huge shove,and off she went.

There's more to tell..but you have to come back next wednesday for part two..with lots more pictures!!!!!