Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Take A Peek Wednesday: Newcastle,England

                 Guess what I did last week? I popped over to Newcastle,England for a day! One of the coolest perks of living abroad is how cheap and easy it can be to travel around. They always have these deals here where you can rent a cabin on a cruise ship and hang out in Newcastle for the day and then return home the following morning. We decided to rent a cabin for the four of us and finally show the boys a bit of England. 
                     We boarded the cruise ship in the afternoon,dropped our bags off, and headed out onto the deck.

       It was slightly grey and overcast out but the weather was honestly perfect;not to hot and to not to cold.

                        This was the first time the boys had been on a cruise ship and even know they pretended like it was no big deal,I knew they were excited.

                Before we knew it we were on our way to England! I could hardly wait. I was in London back in 2007 and I have been begging to head back ever since. I love every single thing about England and it's the one place that I can return to time and time again.

                     We arrived in Newcastle the following morning and we all boarded a bus that was included in the package price.It drops you off in town and then picks you up in the afternoon. We had from 10 am until 3:30 pm. 

                     We hit the ground running as soon as we left the bus. Our first stop was to get something to drink because my husband and I do not function without some sort of coffee/caffeine fix to get us on our way.

                  I ordered a chai latte and it came in the biggest mug I had ever since. I gave it my best shot but I'm afraid I left over half of it. I did enjoy it with a raspberry coconut bar and a stem ginger cookie..those are the best!

I'm afraid I don't have any photos left to share. I put the camera away and just enjoyed being with the family and walking around. I fell in love with the markets there. The fresh produce as well as the meats and poultry items are far better than I what I see in the stores here..and cheaper! my goodness the cuts of pork and beef were similar to what I had gotten back home. The whole chickens were ginormous and so fresh looking. The ones here are so puny and it's a stretch to feed four with just one. I chatted with everyone that I could and just loved how friendly everyone was. I bought way to many cookbooks, stuffed my bag as heavy as I could with new foods to try, and left knowing I would have to return because I simply couldn't squeeze everything in.

I tried steak pie and mushy peas for the first time and feel in love with both. I brought back some granary bread flour to use. I've been reading about it in my British bread books and was so excited to give it a try. I wanted to purchase a set of dishes with chickens on them and bring back loads of baking pans but sadly there was just no room and having them shipped over is rather expensive. I so wish they had better selections over here. We are always stuck with just a few choices in the stores and I am so sick and tired of them determining what is going to be popular this year and then forcing you to comply. 

We had a wonderful time,laughed loads,ate way to much,and can't wait to return!