Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Take A Peek Wednesday: Container Garden Update!

                  It's currently pouring outside so I thought I would do a little catching up on my postings. The stretch of warm weather we had really did wonders for the garden. I was able to pluck the first harvest of the year..A beautiful juicy strawberry!
              My rainbow carrots are growing like crazy!

                        Potatoes!! They seem to be thriving in their grow bags and I can't wait to open the little door up on the bottom to reach in and grab some when they are ready. It's my first time growing potatoes and I'm really excited.

                     The golden raspberry bush has teenie weenie berries on there and really look forward to those ripening.

                      Here we have string less celery. I didn't even know this type existed until my husband picked it out for his veggie to grow.

                        Here is a bunch of veggies growing in a smaller greenhouse. We've got blue corn,baby corn, yellow zucchini,egg plant, and tomatoes. A few of my zucchini leaves had some issues with to much rain on their leaves so I sprayed a solution of baking soda and water to help them out. I already have plans on how to make things better for next year. I'm going back to my much larger green house because I ran out of space way to quickly in this one. I'm going to be ripping out more things and getting rid of the rest of the grass we have in our backyard. I am just so over grass. I want nothing but growing space!

                    This is a bingo watermelon..In the U.S. I believe they call this a sugar baby. I don't hold out to much hope for these. We need way more sun and warmth in order for these guys to grow but I wanted to take a chance anyway.

                   This is a patio snacker cucumber and believe it or not,it's growing in my front window! I have a really long front window that gets hit hard with sun and heat so it's currently houseing two huge container pots of these guys and my bingo watermelons. I'm actually leaving the cucumbers in the window because they need zero pollination and get tons of heat where they are. Isn't it just the cutest little cucumber ever?

                           I've planted wildflowers to do my part for the pollinators that will hopefully hang out in peace in my backyard this summer :) I didn't get a pic of everything..I forgot to snap a pic of my banana shallots and my mouse melons oh and my rhubarb..all three are doing very well!

How is your garden coming along?


lytha said...

It's appalling, my garden. I visited the neighbors yesterday and theirs is so much further along, just like yours. I guess I overwatered and everything is drowning out there. I bought these expensive Zucchinis (1 euro per seed!) and the slugs ate half of them. Not that I can get it to grow in Germany: (

We have the worst slug infestation of all the years, I counted 10 crawling up my plum tree alone yesterday, and they're in my horse's trough, on every flower, and crawling on the walls of our house. Our entire greenhouse is covered in slug bait and the slugs just decide, "Hm, what do I want today, bait or vegetables?" and there goes another plant. I was picking some chives yesterday and found 5 slugs on my blue cornflowers. I got out the salt.

But you gave me an idea - just put some veggies on the windowsills!

If you can grow Zucchini there, well, I'm moving to Holland.

Oh hey, that reminds me, I dreamt I was in Holland last night, doing an endurance race through this lovely old town. And I got lost and spoke German to the locals and they answered me in Dutch and I kind of understood it. What, I'm dreaming in DUTCH? *lol*

When I woke up I asked Joerg if most Hollanders speak German and he said a lot of them do, especially near the border. He said the king of NL visited our state recently and said that more Germans take Dutch (culture and language) classes than vice versa. When I hear Dutch I can almost understand it, you know, probably how you can almost understand German (am I right?).

(When we drove through in February, we listened to the radio.)

Sonya said...

I hate to break it to you but I can in fact grow zucchini over I grow it every year..Eggplant is frustrating for me though and haven't been able to grow that one yet. I try every year though.

All Dutch people I know fluently speak German,English, and French. The boys have been learning German for a few years now..language is a pretty big thing here and most Dutch people speak no less than 4 or 5 languages. They speak alot of German in this town since we are 10 mins from the border. They hop over here and we go over there..haven't found one that speaks Dutch though!

lytha said...

So what languages do you speak, and what languages have you dreamed in?: )

Sonya said...

A weenie bit of Dutch,German, and Spanish..of Did you take spanish in school? We'd take our homework and head to the local McDonalds and get the construction workers to help/do it for

Sonya said...

Oh..I never dream in another language..unless it's that super weird dream babble that only you and the other person seem to