Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Take A Peak Wednesday: I Bought A Cow!!


                Well...I bought PART of a cow. Growing up I knew of several families who either purchased an entire cow or half and I can remember how grateful they were to have it. That meat lasted the family for close to a year sometimes and in between that they would go Elk hunting. It was such a foreign concept to me because our family wasn't anything like that and had no clue you could even purchase a whole cow. 

The last few years I have noticed the prices rising when it comes to beef..and the quality hasn't gone up with it. The flavor plain sucks and I have no clue where that beef is being trucked in from. I have all these questions now when it comes to the beef and poultry I serve to my family and I wasn't going to get the answers from a large grocery store chain. So we cut back on the amount of beef we bought.

Then about a month ago a friend posted on facebook that she found a place where you could purchase part of a cow directly from the farmer. I instantly went to the website and started reading about it. You can purchase any amount you want and once the entire cow has been sold off it is then slaughtered and everything is divided up. A week later we bought the amount we wanted and waited. We received an e-mail letting us know our cow had been divided and that after the resting period it would be packaged up and shipped off. It arrived last week and I was so excited!
              It comes in a big styrofoam container with everything vacuum sealed and with several cooling packs. It was like christmas for me and I went through every single package and lined it all up on the floor. I had to explain to my husband in detail about how good of a deal this way. We were getting cuts of beef that we wouldn't normally be able to buy at the price we were getting it for and since I do all of the purchasing when it comes to the food I was beside myself with how long this beef was going to last us and all of the wonderful cuts we were now going to be able to enjoy.

Since this was my first time purchasing a cow directly from the farmer I had no idea what to expect. There are no dyes in the meat so they said the color could look a little off but not to worry about that. It was normal. There are no additives in meat and I wondered how much of a taste difference that was going to make. It makes all the difference in the world.

I cooked up some of the ground beef and was shocked at the flavor. It was "beefy"..just like you would imagine how a cow would taste. It's a million times better than anything they sell in the store. It has the most amazing flavor and was so happy to finally rid ourselves of the mystery meat sold in the stores. I can't go back now. This tastes way to amazing.

My two freezers are stocked full and it makes me feel so content and happy. Life is good when you have a freezer full of meat!