Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Take A Peek Wednesday: Tulip Time!


             Everything is coming alive over here in, The Netherlands. When I first moved here I was in shock with the amount of tulips I spotted..and then was equally shocked by all of the colors I didn't even know existed and then even more shocked by how cheap they were to buy. Dirt cheap. Like so cheap you can get them for free once a year in Amsterdam and then buy bundles and bundles for next to nothing.
                 I love Spring time here..We spend so much time dealing with long grey winters that the first shot of color makes your heart leap. You can drive around and see a sea of color from the tulips and other flowers they grow here and all the garden centers are flush with the latest color and design.

               Tulips aren't even my favorite flower..the Hyacinth is. I fill my house with those the first chance I can and wished they would come out with a candle in that scent..or have they already?

                     But even still..the tulip holds a special place in my heart now. It means Spring is here and everything is made new again. The trees are blooming, the farm animals are giving birth and proudly walking around with their new addition. The seeds I planted are all popping up and fighting to grow bigger and stronger each day.

                  Yep..Spring has finally arrived!