Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Take A Peek Wednesday: Container Garden 2014


             It's that time of the year,my friends...The time when I sit down and get my container garden all mapped out and ready to go. I wait impatiently for this. I start get super antsy the closer we get to Spring. I make various lists of what I want to grow and then go over it again and again. I narrow it down when I realize I either can't grow it based on our climate ( not warm enough) or it simply doesn't do well in a container. I am taking a chance on a few of them but I am hoping for a very warm summer this year! Everything in the photo above can be planted in a large container. I've got Blue Corn,Mouse Melons ( grape sized cucumbers that look like tiny watermelons but have a lime taste to them),Patio Snacker Cucumbers,Stringless Celery, Tiny Tim Tomatoes,Baby Corn, Rainbow Carrots,Giant Sunflowers ( those will be planted directly into the soil, Chocolate Bell Peppers,Banana Shallots,Golden Zucchini,Bingo Watermelons,Potatoes,Rhubarb (already planted into the ground),Strawberries, and Parisienne Carrots! 

            We hit a small stretch of what we consider to be warm weather and my husband and I headed to the garden section and got to work! Everything that wasn't producing food or attracting the pollinators was going. So that meant everything but the butterfly bush and a hydrangea plant. The small area in the front with all the planters will be used to grow wildflowers for the bees,and there will be strawberries growing in there.

               Here it is after we were done. It took a lot longer than we had expected. The smaller the bush or tree, the harder it was to dig up the roots. The hens were super happy with the huge worms we dug up and decided to share with them that day :)

           Today we were able to set up the raised beds. Each one will hold 9 huge containers of veggies that will go out once the weather is warmer. The ladies say,Hello!
            I planted my first set of seeds and they are growing happily!
         The blue corn kernels about to be planted!
              Here they are now..and they've grown almost twice that size since I took the photo a few days ago.
          My golden zucchini is coming along nicely as well. I have one baby corn that sprouted up and I am waiting on my tiny tim tomatoes and banana shallots..the end of the month I will be planting the rest. 

It's been a busy time around here but a happy and productive one. I've been busy with hens and I wish it was in a more positive way but I'm still dealing with some bare bums and working towards fixing that. We have another stretch of decent weather coming our way and hopefully that means pulling the gas grill out for the first time this year!

Is anyone else growing something this year?