Thursday, March 20, 2014

Espresso Cake with Hot Kahlua Syrup


                It's March 20th already! February was a total blur for me and this month is looking very much like the same way! I had plans to take a better photo. Really I did..but the temp hit 68 degrees here in, The Netherlands and that might as well be 80 for us. My husband and I started digging up bushes and small trees from the previous owners in order to make room for our container garden. My muscles are sore but I'm happy to say we have a nicely cleared spot for my ginormous amounts of veggies I plan on growing. So getting back to the pic. I was in the middle of everything and remembered I needed to take a pic of the cake before everyone ate it. So I dropped what I was doing and ran in to grab a slice!

I can honestly say that I was over the moon happy with the result of this months cake from The Cake Slice Bakers. As you know, we are baking from Great Cakes by Carole Walter. As you also know, I haven't been much of a fan of the cakes thus far. I loved this one! We all loved this one. My 13 year old coffee hating kid even loved it. Like a lot. The cake is moist from the syrup. I did use Bailey's in place of it but only because that's what I have on know, for the days when you need a little bit extra in your morning,afternoon, and possibly evening coffee..No judging! I will also say that I tried in vain to find instant espresso but neither The Netherlands nor Germany had it. So I went with a double amount of coffee and maybe that's why I personally liked it. I'm not a fan of coffee flavored foods but this somehow just worked. It was moist and we topped the cake with slightly sweetened whipped cream and smiled.

Check out the rest of the cakes from the other fabulous cake slice bakers and I can't wait to bake up next months cake!