Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Take A Peek Wednesday: Good Morning from,Enschede!


               Good morning from Enschede,The Netherlands! I ran upstairs and snapped a photo from my bedroom window when I spotted the beautiful sunrise pouring through my downstairs window. 

I hope where ever you may be today that your morning is as beautiful as the one I experienced.

P.S. My bare bottom hens are getting their feathers back :) the foul spray seems to be working!

What is on your agenda for the day? mine has been filled with laundry and baking bread. I really miss my American washer and dryer. We have small washer and dryers over here and it takes me hours and hours and to dry one load. It drives me crazy!!! I could have had all of this done in two loads back home. I guess I should be thankful I even have those and I am grateful. I just sorta wish I had my old set from home.

Happy Wednesday!!!!


lytha said...

you have a dryer? lucky you: ) i hate hanging socks and towels to dry soooo much.

i saw the sunrise too, and tried to get j to come out and look but he missed it.

i'm just back from the grocery store with the ingredients to try to make bagels, you inspired me. i'm nervous about it though. i'm going to try for sesame.

Sonya said...

Yeah, I know of several people here who don't have a dryer..that's to Little House for I can't stand to have clothes literally hanging around trying to damp for

Good luck with the bagels..they are super duper easy!

lytha said...

easy!?!??! hahahaha for you maybe. i had no idea they also get bigger in the water, so i have 8 HUGE ones and i think they're not going to turn oven now...

Sonya said...

Big bagels are like..a just bake them a little longer.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Sonya wow it's gorgeous! Hope you had a wonderful day!

lytha said...

hi sonya,

the bagels are awesome. you were right. my man had 2 for dinner with onion-flavored philly cream cheese. he had 2 for breakfast, the same.

the sesame seeds have now taken over the kitchen, they are EVERYWHERE. i cannot recommend sesame seed bagels.

my husband was trying to find anywhere we could buy bagels today on the computer but no luck. homemade are way better, but they did take a very long time, and scared me sometimes. (omgosh the yeast) but now that i've done it, i think it has to be easier the next time. sesame!

Sonya said...

Sometimes the food that takes the longest to prepare is also the food worth waiting for :) it's always scary at first when working with yeast but you already know what to do differently next time so you are well on your way to becoming an excellent bagel maker :) you can always make a large batch on the weekend and then freeze them to enjoy throughout the week!