Monday, January 20, 2014

The Cake Slice Bakers January Cake: Old Fashioned Pound Cake

            So here we are's the 20th and that means I need to share the latest cake we at, The Cake Slice Bakers,have whipped up.  We are baking from,Great Cakes by  Carole Walter. I had high hopes for this one..way high.

I am frustrated with this cookbook in a sense. I have yet to create something from this book that I have enjoyed. This is the third cake from this book that I found to be tasteless and rather,dare I say? boring. I am hoping as we go along that we are able to sink out teeth into an actual cake recipe that blows us all away because I am really due for such an occasion. 

This was the first pound cake recipe I have ever made and decided to go with a nut version. I also added in lemon to make it a lemon walnut pound cake but the end result was dry and underwhelming. I made sure to tent the top and didn't over bake it. Perhaps I need to try another recipe that uses cream cheese. I have heard those are very moist or maybe even a sour cream pound cake.

So here's hoping that next month I am blown away enough to share the recipe :)