Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Take A Peek Wednesday: Hen Update!


               We're having a crazy winter over here..a few days ago it was 54 degrees! We've had sun,blue skies and warmish temps. It's crazy. I'm not complaining mind you,especially since next week there will be a severe dip and possibly even some snow. The hens have been equally wacky. All of their instincts have kicked in..That means,digging..and a hell of alot of it.

        Oh they like to pretend like nothing is going on..but I'm convinced they are organized. They know exactly what's going on and I'm pretty sure it includes digging up every last worm known to man,getting to the extra bit of grass that is right out of their reach,and then reaching my back door where they know I keep all the treats. I was warned that they like to dig..but wow, even this surprised me. I covered up the large trench they dug this morning and they are already busy undoing what I just did.

         I've been putting in a variety of cabbages to keep them busy. Chickens get all weirded out when you put something new into their run..they actually inspect the entire thing before running around it 500 times before making the small step to finally touch it and then peck it to death in record time after that. They are like sharks.

      They are all growing up like crazy now though..and they are all finally showing signs of wanting to lay eggs.

      They are all bowing and squatting down right in front of me now and that is the classic sign of getting ready to lay. It's cute and annoying all at the same time. I am trying to feed,water, and clean up after them and they are all bowing in front of me and it can take 5 minutes to reach the run when this is going on.

         Another new thing is,they have all found their voices.All 7 of them. All 7 hens have a different voice and they range from soft and sweet to a sound that resembles a goose being smacked around. It's loud and they are proud. If they spot me walking outside they all run to the to end of the chicken run and call me in 7 different voices. I'm surprised no one has complained yet.

Since I keep a close eye on things, I am able to tell you who decided to grace me with a brand new egg..and that would be the one right above me..Annie. She laid her first egg a few days ago and I was able to snap a pic of the one she and Daisy left for me.

   Here they are! they are both in the medium egg sized range and that makes me happy. The first few eggs are really teenie tiny, but as time goes on, they get bigger. It only took Annie two days to reach the medium sized point which leads me to believe she may be a large egg layer at some point. It took Daisy a whole month to reach the medium size and I think that is her final size.

All the hens are wanting to lay, they are all acting funny with their running it and out of the coop,making nests in the boxes, and then sitting there. Hopefully by next week I will have all 7 of them laying!