Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Take A Peak Wednesday: It's All About The Eggs and The Hens


               I'm afraid this post is yet another hen update. I'm also not sorry about that. I've been busy with the ladies over the course of the week and I'm excited to share a few things with you.  

When it comes to the weather here, I can count on two things: Wind and rain. We may not get them together but you can pretty much count on those two during the winter months (who am I kidding? we get this kind of weather all year long!). I have wanted some kind of cover for the hens for awhile now. I wanted to give them some shelter inside the run area where they eat,drink,hang out and take a dust bath. When it rains the whole area inside there becomes crazy wet and muddy and I was just over it. So we found fine mesh that they use on construction sites. It's durable,breathable, and gives them shelter from the rain and wind and will hopefully also work during the warm summer days. It's not the prettiest thing to look at but it's worked wonders!

Last week I posted about the two eggs that were laid. I was so happy about that! Well..the next day this is what I found
        THREE whole eggs!! you can tell the newer one by the lighter color. I was so happy to see that egg.
              The newest egg layer,is Mabel Ann. She is the pushiest,most in your face hen,ever! she is the first one to wait at the door for me,to actually jump up towards me like a dog when she notices I have brought food, and follows me all over the chicken run. A few days later,I start noticing that all but one is heading inside the coop to sit in a box. They go in,sit down, and then come back out. This goes on and on for hours. A few nights later I head out to lock them in for the night and by then I had collected three eggs..I start to leave and something catches my eye inside the chicken run..
             Egg number four!!!! She laid it outside in the chicken run. I guess she feels safe with that option. She's done it twice now..and I know who it belongs to. Here is what she first looked like when we brought her home..
              I fell in love with her from the get go. It's Miss Eliza Doolittle.  She won't come near me to this day but she chats with me often now. Here is what she looks like now..

        Isn't she beautiful? She's a double laced Barnevelder and I will hopefully be getting dark brown large eggs from her. So that's four down: Daisy,Annie,Mabel, and Eliza. I'm still waiting on Belle,Astrid and Lily to start. Exciting times I tell you..