Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Take A Peek Wednesday: Christmas Cactus and Music


               Do you own a Christmas Cactus? I love these guys. I've got that has white blooms and the other has a pinkish red bloom. 

           Something pretty amazing happened when we moved into our new house. I placed them in our one of our living room windows and watched in amazement as they began to grow and grow. I had them in a window in our other place but there is something about the amount of light they get here that I guess they didn't get in the other one. Then the blooms started popping up a few weeks ago. I would get maybe 4 or so blooms when we lived in the other house..but in this place? they are covered on both plants! I've never seen so many blooms before and I'm so excited to watch them all open up. It's the simple things I tell ya.

Have you started playing Christmas music yet? I started this morning. I know some people wait until after Thanksgiving to get into Christmas..but life is to short to wait sometimes and I decided to enjoy it as much as possible this year. There is a radio station online called, AccuRadio and they have an entire section for Christmas music and I'm so happy I can barely stand it :)

Still no eggs yet..I check every morning when I feed the hens but so far they haven't blessed us with any.