Monday, November 18, 2013

Scotch Pancakes


           Happy Freezing Cold Monday! It's really cold,you guys. The hens might have to come and live inside with us for the winter because I don't know if I can keep making myself go out there every morning. I imagine I look rather comical to anyone else who might be up at the crack of dawn and looking out their bedroom window. You'll see me trucking towards the hens with fresh food,talking to them about the importance of laying their eggs already, and then tossing the food around as fast as I can so that I can make a mad dash back inside to fill their water container back up only to have to then run back out to give it to them. I'm in trouble when it starts pouring down with rain or snow.

I see alot of homemade soups and breads in our future..infact for Sunday dinner we had Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup with thick slices of Cider Loaf. For dessert we had leftover Cowboy Coffeecake. We were happy campers!

These pancakes are also making us happy these days. I had never heard of a scotch pancake until I purchased a new bread book called, Brilliant Bread by James Morton. He's from the U.K. and I'm loving his book. I've baked 3 of his breads so far and we've loved all of them. Then I spotted this recipe in the back of the book. He mentioned eating them with butter and jam..not maple syrup like American pancakes. I went hunting for other recipes of it online and sure enough, they all ate theirs with jam..almost like toast. I'm gonna be honest and say that we did infact eat ours with maple syrup and peanut butter instead of butter. They were crazy good. I've made these about 4 times now and we love them a little bit more each time. They are fat,thick,perfect little fluffy pancakes. Eat them with jam and butter or with maple syrup or however you like. I know you will love these.

And yes, the recipe is in grams..

Scotch Pancakes

200 g Flour
1 TBS Baking Powder
1/2 tsp/ Salt
2 Eggs
100 g Milk..I needed more**

** The recipe makes a very thick thick in my opinion to drop by tablespoons full. I added enough milk to form a very thick batter that almost starts to run off of the spoon**

In a large bowl, mix all of the ingredients together until nice and smooth.

Preheat a frying pan over medium heat. Add a small amount of butter to grease the bottom of the pan. Drop batter by heaping tablespoons full onto prepared pan and slightly spread the batter won't spread out on its own so spread it out just a little. Cook for 1-2 minutes,until bubbles start to form on the outside and the bottom is golden brown. Flip and cook for a further 1-2 minutes.

Serve warm

Yield: 14-16 wee fat scotch pancakes
Source: Brilliant Bread