Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Take A Peek Wednesday: Street View

               I was dusting my window sill and decided to take a quick pic to show you what part of my street looks like. Across the street and to the right there is a hair salon..I've never gone in. All of the women that work there have short spiky hair that's dyed a maroon color. I'm to scared to go in for fear of coming out looking like they do.

Our front door is rarely used. We use the back of our house as our front door. We park back there so coming and going is always done that way. In fact a few of our neighbors thought we moved out because they never see anyone coming or going from the front and they claim they can't see any lights on at night. Well I know for a fact they can see me because every morning when my youngest heads off to school..through the front door, I wave goodbye. I glance across the street and see several neighbors peeking out their windows to look at me.

I do miss American streets though. The roads are wider and they have more curb appeal. My front door leads right onto the sidewalk..which took some getting used to. Do you have a front yard where you live or do you do more of your living in the back like we do?