Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Take A Peek Wednesday: Hyacinth,We Have A Problem!

                Saturday morning starts out like any other day of the week: I get up and get the hens fed and watered for the day. Each morning they get a bowl full of greens,oats,nuts,corn or peas and whatever else I think they might like. Then I walk out and feed them,grab their water container and refill that and their dry food if it's empty. It's been happening just like that since they came to live with us at the end of July.
 soon as I walked out my back door I knew something was up. You huge beautiful Hyacinth decided to let me in on a secret. She was a HE!!!! The sound stopped me cold in my tracks. I actually prayed that I heard it wrong. I walked closer to their coop and as soon as I rounded the corner, there she was..Their coop as a window they can look out of and as soon as she saw me, she cockadoodledoo'd me. I was devastated and she was over the moon to let us all know her little secret. I was actually angry.

            I was angry because I was now stuck with an animal we couldn't keep. I can't have a rooster while living in a very populated neighborhood. I couldn't do that to my neighbors,whom I suspect would become very resentful towards us, and if I'm honest, I didn't want chicks. I'm not set up for that. I was both angry and sad at the whole situation. I really liked her and now I was down one hen when it came to egg laying. My husband and I scrambled to find him a new home. I never realized how much roosters are hated. No one wanted him. No one.

We called people,we begged people,we bribed people..nothing worked. Then we found a solution: He would live on a working farm but in the meat bird section. I knew this was his reality. Everyone else we called said they would kill him on the spot. This farm would allow him to free range until he was turned into their dinner and it was up to us to come to terms with that.

This morning we loaded him up and I cried. I cried and cried and cried. My husband called me awhile later very excited to tell me that he wouldn't be eaten but instead would live out his days producing tons of baby chicks for them!!! I couldn't believe it. They were impressed with how huge he was ( I guess he was twice the size of the other roosters) and they loved how beautiful he was. I am so happy. I guess he has a wooded area to free range in and since they are a biological farm, he will be eating as well with them as he was with me. It's a perfect ending to a sad situation. I've decided to stick with my 7 hens since everyone is settled in already and leave it at that. Hopefully I won't be surprised again with a rooster!

I'll miss you dear,Hyacinth but I'm excited for your new life!