Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Take A Peek Wednesday: Hen Update!

       I thought I would post an update on the ladies since it has been awhile. All is well in Hen Valley! They are happily clucking their days away in the backyard.

          Do you know what they all so happily do all day? eat and poo..and then poo and poo some more. I never realized how much they can drop in one day. I go in every two days to rake and clean everything up..and as soon as I'm done they run around and poo all over the place again.

            They are huge HUGE. This one..Hyacinth is the largest of the 8. We thought that she might be a rooster for awhile but after some research we learned that this breed is very big..both male and females are large so hopefully that translates into big beautiful eggs! Speaking of eggs...we still aren't there yet. It could technically happen any day now but more than likely won't be until some time in November. They show no signs of wanting to lay yet..but I do still check each morning. Just in case :)