Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Take A Peek Wednesday: This and That

              Although it's not officially fall yet, we've got all the signs around here. The mornings are grey and foggy now. See the hens back there? they say,Hi!
         Why not walk over and give them a proper hello..Belle, one of my new four is thriving. I can not believe how big they are all getting!

            Mabel's not impressed and wants means treats..they know this now. I had to run in and split a large zucchini in half for them to eat. These ladies mean business and a deals a means treats. They also have a sound that is just meant for me. When they see me each morning they start making that sound and if I walk with anyone else, they won't make it. 

               I have a confession to make: I suck at growing seriously suck at it. I am trying once again to grow a variety..but like always, it's not going so well. I think I kill them with to much kindness. Everyone says not to water them to much and I HAVE been following that rule..or at least I feel like I am..but the thyme is barely hanging on at this point. I'm pretty much over it after this point. If they don't make it then I'm not going to worry about it anymore. I like dried herbs just fine thank you very much.

             Oh wait..someone else wants to say,Hi! Ellie,meet everyone..everyone,meet Ellie! Ellie is a bearded dragon and I love her to bits. Yep..I've got dragons. I also raise special cockroaches for them to eat but that's another story.

             I've had the dragons almost a year now..I never EVER thought I would own one..let alone two..but I do..Oh yes, I have two!

               This is Hannah..she's the enforcer and basically puts up with me. Ellie is way more user friendly and Hannah is look but don't touch. She will let me hold her without any problems but she would rather be running around the living room and claiming all available space as her own.

              Dragons are funny and do things like puff their eyeballs out like frogs when they are shedding. They are warm,not cold,are quiet,soft,aren't aggressive, chomp roaches like potato chips, and love hanging out on your shoulder as you walk around. Easy peasy pets!