Friday, August 30, 2013

The New Hens Update!


           It's been a week since we picked up the second set of hens and thought to do an update on my previous post about them. It was a stressful first few days. They would go into full on panic when I would come in and out of the coop. Although they were quickly picking up things from my original 4 hens,they were still missing out on alot. They were refusing to leave the coop at one point and I was pretty sure I was going to lose atleast one of them and was scared every morning when I walked out to give them fresh water and food. My original 4 were cutting them off at the food and water areas and chasing them all over the place.

Then one evening..I saw the above scene. All 4 of them out together. They were up and walking around..and pecking the ground :) They were still totally seperate from the other 4 but this was still exciting. The next few days I spotted them rushing for the food and water at every chance they could get and they were slowly trying to hang out with the cool group.

         They started figuring out that I was the one to welcome and not be afraid of..because I carried with me all sorts of wonderful treats. As the days went on the more hen like they became. They were eating,taking dust baths,scratching and finally clucking..they were so quiet for so long!

        They eat like pigs,can't wait for me to drop the goodies and run around all day. There is still slight tensions with the original 4 but that's normal. There is an actual pecking order and the one dominate female,Hyacinth makes sure everyone knows that she eats first,gets first dibs on all the good stuff and can at anytime,chase you around the chicken run. So life at Hen Valley seems to be going well.

Here is a pic of the original 4..they are thriving and doing so well. Now,if they would just lay eggs already! November can't get here fast enough!