Friday, August 16, 2013

My Week, In Photos


           How was your week? did it fly by quickly or did it drag on?

             Did you get everything done or is your list like mine.. a mile long and growing?

           Were you able to get outside or were you stuck indoors and watching everything go by as you glanced out the window?

          When we moved in I spotted a strawberry plant all dried up. I decided to see if I could bring it back and started watering it everyday. Two perfect little strawberries started growing and I got excited.

              I snapped a pic of the ready to eat strawberry and when I went back to pick it..this was all that was left! You snooze, you lose I guess!

             Enjoy your weekend! We've had some rain but the warm weather is back for a short time. I'm noticing the fall-like mornings though; foggy and crisp. Are you ready for it?