Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Got Chickens????


           Because I do!!!! Last week was crazy busy getting ready for these wonderful 6 week old hens.

One of the deal breakers for me with this house was that it came with a chicken coop already set up. Alot of the places we looked at barely had any outside space and I was loseing hope of ever owning chickens. I convinced myself that it was a stupid thing to want anyway and would be more trouble than it was worth. Then we got this house..and I got scared. When I see one of my dreams about to become reality, I seriously panick. I tell myself that I have built it up for so long in my head that it can't possibly be as good as I think it will be. So I announced I didn't want any. Then my husband ignored me and came home from work to tell me we needed to get the coop ready because hens were about to invade.

             So we got busy chopping down some trees..3 to be exact. We wanted more space for them and that spot right there with the dirt was perfect.

            The weather was crazy warm and humid so we'd rush out in the morning to chop and clean up another one and then wait until the evening hours to do some more work.

         Within a few days,we built nesting boxes,roosting sticks,bought the supplies,cleared the trees out and finally went to pick up the girls! I was scared to death I was going to kill them the first day I had them. They were scared and wouldn't come near me. I was so sad. I read up online and through a wonderful friend that if you start putting our certain treats for them and then holding some of it in your hand, they will come to you.

So I waited. The first few days we had to put them into bed and then get them out until they figured out they could come and go as they pleased. They are totally contained in the first part of the coop and can walk down their ramp whenever they want. I don't worry about anything getting in there because of how tight the foundation was built and there are no gaps anywhere for anything to get in. Then within 4 days they were putting themselves to bed,getting up on their own, and eating out of my hand. They run when they see me now and cluck like crazy. They are 7 weeks old now and I should be seeing my first set of eggs sometime in November. 

They are more of a pet than anything else. They won't be able to supply our entire egg needs and we may end up getting one or two more, but then thats it. The girls will live out their lives with us in exchange for their wonderful eggs that they will start providing in a few short months. I'm happy to say that it is everything I had hoped for. I wake up smiling everyday now. I walk out in the mornings to refill their water and food bowls ( I know one photo shows their food on the ground but no worries..they have been hung up since then),talk to them,sprinkle some treats on the ground and then check on them throughout the day. We are working on the last part of opening up the second part of the coop so that they have even more room to run and will post pics of that when I'm done.

Oh! before I forget..they all have names. My husband laughs at me over the fact that they all need first and middle names..but that's just how it works! they are like cabbage patch dolls..they all come with names,birthdays and histories dang it. As time goes on I will beable to get better close ups..but for now the largest pic is of Eliza Doolittle,then we have the two sisters,Hyacinth Bouquet ( bonus if you know where that name comes from and why she will be hosting a candle light dinner at some point),Mabel Anne and Daisy May. I've probably gone off the deep end at this point but you know what? I don't care. I've got chickens and I can check off another one of my dreams coming true! And incase you are wondering..that is me in the photo wearing my coop cleaning mask..gotta wear those people!