Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chicken and Coop Update


              I've gotten a few inquiries in regards to the hens..or "The Ladies" as we call them around here and the coop so I thought I would do a brief update. Things are going excellent! We have expanded their coop area and we are currently building them a larger chicken run. Since we have decided to get 4 more hens for a total of 8, we decided to give them as much room as we could allow so that they could streatch their wings so to speak. Our neighbors asked us if we were sticking sheep in there because of how much space we were giving them. I only wish we could give them more space to be honest but I know this will suit them just fine. Since snapping this pic over the weekend, we have finished building the frame and are now working on the putting the wire on,which will hopefully be completed by this afternoon. I hope to plant something large on the outside that they can't touch in order to give them extra shade for next summer and we plan to add a few things here and there to keep them busy.

As for the hens? they are growing at a crazy amount of speed!

           Their claws are crazy big and I just love watching them scratch the dirt looking for goodies to eat.

                                                           This is Daisy

               This is Hyacinth. She's Daisy's sister..much larger sister. You can't tell from the pic but she is huge compaired to the rest. I hope she doesn't pull a Tootsie on me and turn out to be a rooster.

               This is Eliza Doolittle and my favorite. She is the shy one of the bunch and has yet to eat out of hand. She wants to but she's holding out.

            This is Mabel and she's not shy at all. She is the first one to call out when she sees me, the first one to meet me at the door, the first one to stand up as tall as she can to see what I have in my hand, and the first one to rush my hand when I hold it out with goodies. I sprinkle chicken treats all over their pen but I also want them to get used to me so I always allow them to come and eat out of my hand for a few minutes.

            Soon I will have 4 more hens to introduce but for now, Im loving my little group of ladies. The biggest chore I have with them is cleaning out the coop once a week. I can't believe how much they can poo in there! Does anyone else own chickens? I'd love to hear from you if you do!