Monday, July 15, 2013

Where I've been hanging out!


        So we moved into our new house a little over a week ago. It's been crazy..We signed the papers and happily took the keys on friday July,5th. We spent our first night here on saturday and all moved in by sunday. It was just my husband and two sons doing it all..but we did it!

I'm still knee deep in boxes and happily finding a spot for it all. The weather has been beautiful so every chance I get, I'm sitting out my new backyard. I know for American standards I have a weenie one. I know this. I'm wondering if you can see what I do though..that front part? all but the large butterfly bush will be taken out and that will be my large garden. I can already see corn growing and carrots sprouting up and cucumbers,tomatoes and anything else I want to grow. If you look straight back there are also 3 fruit trees..a cherry,pear and plum tree. I think the previous owners planted them way to close together and Im likely to take both the cherry and the pear out. The trees don't look well and she told me the birds ate all of her cherries. Beyond that is a chicken coop and a large carport area. Behind me is a long walkway to the backdoor that is actually covered in a fine mesh. The woman had mainecoons and wanted them to sit outside but not take off. So she covered a part with mesh and a screen door. We're keeping it like that and Im going to try and grow things that I want the birds to stay away strawberries.


      This is my other favorite new kitchen. I am not over the top crazy about the color but I can live with it. We have heated floors in the living room aswell as the kitchen and a brand new wood stove in the living room that will be put to use this autumn. There is a built in dishwasher and a built in fridge/freezer. I still brought mine because the one they have installed is so small.

My oven has 7 different settings and is smarter than I am. I've baked several different types of breads and they have all come out perfect. The only problem? it's so small..smaller than I realised. It doesnt even fit a standard cookie sheet in there. We'll figure the problem out soon but for allows me to bake like crazy again and thats what really makes me happy.

So...I'm here...alive,exhausted,covered in bruises and scrapes and more happy that I could ever possibly say. I have tons and tons of recipes to share and will be doing that later on this week. For now though, I am heading outside to fire up the grill. The weather is to nice to ignore and I've got a grilled naan recipe to try.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!