Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Te Koop!


            Te Koop in Dutch means, For Sale. That sign above has been dominating my dreams for months now. It's all I see when I run errands or bike around. I anxiously head over to the website Funda to look up homes that are for sale.

I've waited a very long time for this moment. I can remember as a young girl wanting a house of my own. I watched almost everyone around me buy a house and all I could do was wait. When we first moved to The Netherlands is was always the plan to move over into Germany. You get alot more house for your money and I wanted my American Dream in european form. I wanted a house with some land and a space of my own.

So we started looking. We looked at only the homes that came with land and hardly any was then that I realised Germany wasn't for us. I had such guilt for taking the boys out of their Dutch school only to stick them into a German one and expecting them to learn a whole new language all over again. So not gonna happen. I also didn't get the warm fuzzies when I visited the smaller towns..So I swallowed that pill and decided Holland was going to be home.

So we started looking yet again..A home with land and hardly any neighbors. I wasn't sure it could be found since this little country is so packed with people. The more homes we found that did come with land, the more we realised these homes kinda needed to be demolished. They were awful and we needed to get real with ourselves when it came to the extra money it would take to fix those up. So we re-worked the dream again. The re-working of the dream happened over and over again and the more it happened the more I realised I didn't need that picture perfect idea of what a home was in my head..but instead a home that was perfect for us.

We found one,made a bid and got excited. The deal fell through and I cried..hard..for a solid week. I didn't want to hear that it was all for a reason and sometimes you can't see that right away but our time would come. Soooo did not want to hear that. About a month later we started looking again. We went and looked at another one and had to stop ourselves from running out as fast as we could. It was then that we actually wondered if we were going to beable to find our dream home.

Then it happened. We went and looked at a house that has zero curb appeal,is on a narrow street,is sandwiched between several other homes and will require monthly coffee meet ups with the neighbors to keep the neighborly relationship going. I wasn't expecting anything when I walked in but my husband kept telling me this place was bigger than the last one we wanted and we owed it to ourselves to go and look.

So we walked out our front door and down the street..7 minutes later we walked into our new home. The house was everything we asked for: It doesn't come with land but it comes with a very long backyard with a chicken coop already set up,ample space to grow my own vegetables,two fruit trees,a large carport and a large workroom next to the kitchen that I can see my husband spending alot of time in. It came with a bonus room we didn't know about and a large kitchen that has me dreaming of everything I want to bake in there. The first thing I said when we walked in the living room was how much bigger it looked than in the photos and that I could fit a 7 foot christmas tree in here. It comes with a brand new woodstove that I can't wait to use during the winter and the living room and kitchen floor is heated!

So we're moving!!!! We sign the papers and get the keys early July. I'm so glad about that because my poor oven is going out and doesn't heat up all the way anymore. It needs to hold on for my youngest son's birthday aswell as Father's Day and then it can totally give out. I'm so excited to finally be moving on from this place and to start planting roots. The house needs some work and there is painting to be done..but I don't care and look forward to all of it.

Finally after living here for 6 years my dream of owning a home of my own has finally come true :)