Friday, June 7, 2013

Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream


              I so wanted to take a fantastic picture of this ice cream. The photo I am sharing with now doesn't do it justice. The thing is..we ate the ice cream so darned fast that I literally needed to run outside and snap this one before there was nothing left. I must confess that I live with vultures when it comes to ice cream..they swarm around me when they hear the ice cream maker turn on.  They pace back and forth while the machine churns the liquid into an icy delight and they watch the clock and the hours tick away slowly while the ice cream hardens in the freezer.

I love my impatient little family :) This ice cream was a real shocker to me..mostly because of the 3 simple ingredients..coconut milk,sugar and cocoa powder. That's it..and believe me you will be just as blown away as we were. This is..without a single doubt..our favorite chocolate ice cream. It's creamy,full of flavor and a snap to whip up. You can dress this up anyway which way you'd like..for an almond joy ice cream..add in some toasted coconut and chopped almonds..add in crushed oreos or chopped up candy bars,flavored nuts,syrup or whipping cream..Eat it plain the first time though because you might prefer it like that. I sure do!

Two random things: The weather is has been in the upper 60's and 70's this week. Im so happy I can barely stand myself. I'm sitting outside for about an hour each day and allowing the sun to tan my face and arms a bit. I am happy to say that I can no longer play an extra in a vampire movie :)

The second thing: Our rental company has put our place up on their site and we now have random Dutch couples frantically stopping by and peeking in our windows and looking around and talking to us through our window. I can't tell you how much I hate this. It scares me when I walk into the living room and see people staring at me and looking at my furniture. The whole renting thing drives me nuts. They actually bring people over to your place while you are still living in it to show potential renters. As of right now we have over 55 people interested in this place. They take the first 3 who signed up and bring them over all at once to show them. The first person on the list gets the chance to say if they want it or not and if not, it goes to the second in line to see if they want it. The good thing is, they only do this once and I wont have to worry about random people coming over all the time to view it while we are trying to pack and more. The bad thing is..I HATE having strangers over and walking through my place. It's not like I am trying to sell this place or anything..but they view it like you are. They can see something of yours and actually made a bid on it to buy it and I find that weird aswell. I hope someone bids on my giant pile of trash..I'll give them such a sweet deal to take it all off my hands :)

Back to the ice cream..make will be ever so happy that you did! a fan of the coconut flavor? I gotta tell ya..the coconut milk doesn't really give you that coconut flavor. I was really surprised by that and next time I plan to add in some coconut extract just so that I can get the flavor more in there.

Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

2 cans (13.5 oz) Full Fat Coconut Milk
1-1/4 cups Sugar
1/2 cup Good Quality Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

In a pot over medium heat,add all ingredients and whisk the poo out of it to combine it ( the cocoa powder takes awhile to combine but do not give up! I added the coconut milk first,then the powder and then poured the sugar on top to kind of weight the powder down. I then whisked slowly at first and then whisked like crazy until I reached a nice smooth mixture. If you worry about it not coming together, then strain the mixture over your container once you are done heating it up). Allow to simmer until thickened, about 8 minutes.

Pour into a container and refrigerate until it's nice and cold..atleast 4 hours or make it at night and allow it to sit overnight.

Pour into ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer's instructions. East right away for a soft serve or place in a freezer safe container for a few hours.

Yield: 4-6 servings/ will make around 2-1/2 cups
Source: Domestic Fits