Wednesday, February 6, 2013



         Living in the picturesque country called, The Netherlands is like nothing I have ever seen. I am from Oregon, and I'm used to mountains,water,trees,open spaces and wildlife galore.


    I still miss those things..dearly. I find myself equally loving my new can you not? I visit places where time has stood still. I see the older generation walking around in clogs and secretly can't wait until I too can get away with wearing them.


       I love the cobblestone streets,the brick homes,the water villages,the canals, and listening to people chatter in a language that is quickly becoming my own. I will forever be an Oregonian,an American through and through..but this  American will be sporting a set of clogs,a wedge of cheese in one hand, and the latest copy of Mother Earth News and Taste of Home in the other. I hope that wherever you may be, that you too get out there and explore!


Feb 5, 2013