Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday's In My City...

        Last monday the Sun Gods decided to answer my prayers.  This is the view that greeted me when I opened up the curtains!!! There was zero time to waste!

       We ate breakfast,got ready for the day and headed to the canal! In general the canal is not my favorite spot to spend a few hours in the sun..but you see,my husband loves to fish. He also doesn't like going alone. He will go and more often then not he does go alone if the oldest son has other plans..but then I think back to the times he lets me drag him to the Twilight movies,happily sits on the couch while I scream at the tv when watching that horrible show called Extreme Couponing..(seriously who in their right mind needs 400 bottles of ketchup,200 bottles of mustard,8 billion frozen dinners and 300 candy bars? I'm sad to say that I'm not joking about those numbers. I have since banned myself from watching the show.) Because of all these and about 500 other reasons, I went with my husband. I grabbed a chair and happily sat in the sun.

    This is one of the cookbooks I read. It's called The Flat Belly Diet..which isn't really a diet to begin with when you can happily eat chocolate-stuffed french toast!! 

    When I wasn't planning my weekly menu ( wondering how often I could get away with eating chocolate-stuffed french toast while keeping in mind that my belly needed some serious flattening) I stared at the sky. It was so blue and so beautiful. I came home happy,sunburned,happy,renewed and did I mention happy? I almost don't even care that we are back to the lower temps and rain again..Well I do but nothing is keeping me down after 3 full days of this beautiful weather!

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Unknown Mami