Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday's In My City...

          Today I went to a German Christmas Market that was held right below a castle. Does it get any cooler??

      We had to walk up this really steep hill and I kept bumping into everyone because I couldn't stop looking at the castle.

      The market was right at the top of the hill. It was much smaller than we were used to and most of what was being sold was handmade.

      Handmade equals big bucks. I understand the time and effort that goes into making handmade items but with prices like that I need to be picky!

      Everyone of course stopped and stared when they heard us chatting away in english...even the dogs did a double take :)

      I bought two ornaments,kettle corn and sugared almonds with cinnamon..oh heck yeah they were good.

     All in all it was a wonderful afternoon!

     In The Netherlands they celebrate Sinterklaas on Dec 5..We get our Santa Claus from Sinterklaas. They also celebrate it at school. Each child writes down 3 things they would like to get ( it needs to come in under 5 dollars) and then they list a few of their hobbies. My youngest son had a partner who enjoys horseback riding. She asked for a pair of riding socks,candy and 3 pencils. You then need to decorate a container,box or whatever you want in the design of what that person likes. So we took a box,placed the items in there and turned  it into a horse by using felt and a hot glue gun. It took 3 hours and alot of laughter. My husband kept burning his fingers on the hot glue gun and I can't tell you how funny it is to see a 6 foot 4 inch man holding onto felt horse ears while saying "Ow,ow"over and over. You then include a poem for that person as if you were Sinterklaas and you make it about them or the gift...and it needs to rhyme. The person then reads the poem opens up the gift and guesses who it was that made the gift for them. I hope she enjoys her gift! Head on over to Unknown Mami to see what everyone else is up to this weekend! 
Unknown Mami