Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Christmas Gift

     I pretty much received the Red Ryder BB Gun of gifts. I still can't believe it. I've talked a few times on here about wanting a standmixer and coming to terms with the fact that I would never own a kitchenaid because of the outrageous price they charge over here for it. I had one back home and just loved it and was crushed beyond belief when I saw the price tag for one over here. I researched like crazy online as to what I could get that would come close. I finally decided on a kenwood standmixer and let the whole kitchenaid dream go.

Over the next few weeks my husband kept telling me that he researched everything and had it all under control. When my husband says that I instantly know it to be true. That man can research like no other. We both decided that although we both knew what we were getting from eachother that we would still wrap the gifts. So my husband left one evening and came home with one giant box and two smaller ones. He couldn't stop smiling and kept telling me how excited he was this year for christmas. I was pretty excited too because I desperatly needed a heavy duty mixer for my baking and breadmaking needs.

So christmas morning was finally here. We went downstairs and the boys decided that they wanted everyone to open up one gift at a time and they picked me to go first. My husband jumped up and brought the big box over to me. I tore open the top part of the wrapping paper fully expecting to see the Kenwood name on it. I was in total shock when I saw the words..Kitchenaid. I looked at my husband and burst into tears. Not just any kind of tears, but the-I can't control myself tears-so I'm going to cover my face with my hands and just sob sort of tears. 

     I never expected I would get one. I knew what they cost over here and I knew what that sort of cost ment for us and the fact that my husband walked into that store and went straight for the kitchenaid without a second thought made me love him 5 bazillion times more than I already did. He knew I would be content with a kenwood but he wasn't content with me having one. He knew my main passion was baking so the extra cost would pay off in the years to come. The color is cocoa silver and it's just beautiful. The other two presents contained the glass bowl mixer and a special grip paddle. So I now have the stainless steal mixer aswell as the glass bowl. I'm  pretty much set for life. I keep looking at it and touching it. I still haven't used it but I plan to. My husbands favorite dessert is pavlova and I am thinking that this weekend he is going to get the biggest pavlova ever. I wanted to make something really special the first time I used it..and I'm thinking this is it :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! I have so many recipes to share but I am sick of sweets! I made wonderful spicy cinnamon roasted almonds so I might post those soon. You can make those at any time of year. What made your christmas special this year? We had a wonderful day as a family. We laughed, we cried..well I cried anyway, we ate, we made new memories and we all decided that this was the best christmas ever.

Can you believe we are about to enter 2012!?