Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday's In My City...

       When I first came to The Netherlands the first thing I noticed was how cramped and congested everything was here. I took Oregon for granted and instantly missed the wide open spaces.

    My eyes instantly dried up from lack of nature. All I could see were buildings,more buildings and people. I've lived here 4 years now and have spotted a squirrel only twice!

     I am still not used to living in such a cramped country. I get edgy and feel like a caged animal alot of the time.

   My husband can spot when I've reached my limit..we pile into the car, drive 30 mins away and arrive here..

    We get out of the car and both take a deep breath. We instantly smile and then we listen..We listen to the birds, the trees, the wind, the life that lives within this beautiful forest.

   We don't come here as often as we'd like and although it's only 30 mins away, life has a way of keeping you busy. There are appointments to be kept,jobs to head to,being to tired to move and just letting the daily grind take over.

     I'm thankful for moments like these..When we can walk through here and talk about life, where we want to be in the future and what we need to do to get there. I love the quiet moments just as much. It fills me up again until the next time I am able to stop by. What keeps you going and gives you peace? Please stop by Unknown Mami and see what everyone else is up to this weekend!        

Unknown Mami