Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unusual Mushroom

       So I'm outside on saturday afternoon getting ready to mow the lawn when I spotted..this! yep thats a mushroom! I was totally grossed out. At first I thought it was a creepy slug of some kind and then I started laughing because I couldn't believe the funny shape and color it comes in. I had my husband look up the Dutch word for this mushroom to figure out what it was. It's basically called a 'Stink Mushroom' and the smell attracts the flies and when they walk on the mushroom the spores attatch to them and they carry it with them to their next stop. They come in a variety of colors..white,red and multi color. I mowed over the sucker and the next day it was sticking straight up again!

So that's my "Today" for you :) It's time to join us again in Communal Global by sharing a bit of your world with the rest of us. So link on up!