Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday's In My City...

       Another week has flown by! I'm back to share part two of my Giethoorn adventure! If you missed the first set of photos you can find part one HERE. After we took our boat through the neighborhood we started towards the middle of a huge lake. We spotted a restuarant along the way.


     Although it's a man-made lake it wasn't done on purpose. They dug out a bunch of trenches to get peat out and then eventually they had dug so many of those out that at one point it flooded,filled up and turned into what you see now. It's actually not very deep. I thought it was a normal deep lake but it was breast deep.         

     They have tons of rental homes available.




     We plan to return next summer and hopefully rent one of those wonderful vacation homes! Thanks for stopping by and please head over to Unknown Mami to see what she and everyone else is up to!
Unknown Mami