Monday, September 19, 2011

Peanut Butter Cup Invasion!

       I totally forgot to post about this! While shopping at one of my favorite stores a few weeks back my husband quickly comes over and tells me to come and see something. I couldn't believe it...Reeses peanut butter The Netherlands! they do not understand the whole peanut butter/chocolate combo and  if you talk to them about it they get this horrible scrunched up look on their face. They eat raw fish for goodness sake yet the thought of eating a peanut butter cup is way to much for them!

    Next to the cups they also had some kind of off brand mac n cheese, mustard, cheese curls and bbq sauce. All the prices are in euros by the way so 2,29 for the bbq sauce equals $3.12. I picked up a pack of the reeses and shared them with the boys. I gotta tell ya..I no longer like them! the fake sugary and crap chocolate flavor just doesn't do it for me anymore..Thats not going to stop me from using them in homemade ice cream or baked goods but it looks like the tastebuds are forever changed!