Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday's In My City...

            Wow it's already sunday!! I hope everyone has enjoyed their week. We have one more week before the boys head back to school... The 6 weeks they had off went by quickly. My husband started his 3 week vacation on friday and we decided to do something fishing! Fishing in The Netherlands is largely done by using the massive canal systems they have here.

     The canals stretch for miles and miles..we walked alot

      I had to take some breaks to catch nature in action :)

    Because we are in The Netherlands you deal with the sudden changing of the weather..wich means rain..and boy have we had ALOT of this summer..alot

     My oldest son caught a very small bass and that was it for the day! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Please head over to Unknown Mami to join in on the fun of sharing a piece of your world and exploring the world of those who signed up!
Unknown Mami