Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday's In My City...

           Hello Everyone! if this is your first time here..My name is Sonya and I'm an American living in The Netherlands! Im bringing you another container garden update! My husband's peppers are growing like crazy now. The photo above is of a Bishop's Crown and it grows in the shape of a bell.

    Here is what the bottom looks like. They have a mild taste and actually reminded me of eating a home grown pea pod!

     These little guys are called Filius Blue..wich is funny since they are purple! these guys are hot!

     This little guy was trying to make his home on my eggplant leaves! He was super tiny, cute and FAST! He happily lives underneath the butterfly bush. Speaking of the butterfly bush!

    Loooove the butterflies :) Thanks for stopping by! please head on over to Unknown Mami to see what she and everyone else is up to!
Unknown Mami