Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday's In My City...

       My son's school is about a 30 second walk from our place. I so love that. However the poor little school is being shut down because of how old and small it is. They are building the new one about a 4 min walk away. I decided to take a stroll to see how its coming along. 
      Well here it is! If it looks crooked to you it's because it is. It looks like an odd slanting type castle to me. There is a roof terrace at the top that will be used to grow things and they've installed a special small elevator for kids who have problems using the stairs. To the right of the school there is a small matching building that will be the gym.
       The school has a lovely area infront of it and the apartment building on the right is a retirement facility.
     These homes face the school aswell. When I first moved here I was always fascinated by the different designes of homes here.
           These are typical style homes you see here..meaning one large place split in two. The only free standing home there is the one on the right. To buy one half of this place and they are typically in the style of a town house only smaller than what I'm used to back home, you will pay..and I am not joking, 400,000 dollars..for that one half,that has a teenie kitchen,small back yard and small living/dining room. This is why I can't stand to buy a home here.
These are also typical style townhouses that you will see here. Our place is similar to this but is all brick with no color on it. They get soooo hot in the summer. The brick locks in the heat and the upstairs becomes a sauna. Anyway thats a look at my little Dutch neighborhood :) Please head over to Unknown Mami and see what everyone else is up to this weekend!   
Unknown Mami