Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday's In My City...

        Happy Easter Everyone!! Today was perfect..the temperature was 76 degrees with a light breeze. We enjoyed a nice family meal together in the afternoon and then headed out to go fishing!
        We went to our favorite canal and setteled in.
       I decided to take photos and pass on the actual fishing.
        There was plenty of wonderful things to take photos of.
        I waited and waited for my husband or oldest son to catch a fish...
          I waited a reallllly long time...and then!
           My oldest son caught a Brasem!! They are smelly little suckers..I mean smellier than the regular fish..and slimy too.
        They are bottom feeders and have a really large mouth. He's sorta cute don't you think? We slipped him back into the water and he happily swam on his way..Suddenly I spotted something veeerrrryyy interesting...
        I'm thinking our canal has it's own Loch Ness Monster..either that or it might possibly be a floating stick with a leaf hanging out from the top..but I seriously think it's a mini Nessy. We had a wonderful Easter and hope you all do aswell! Head over to Unknown Mami and see how everyone else enjoyed their sunday!
Unknown Mami