Thursday, April 28, 2011

My "Kas"

           "Kas" is the Dutch word for greenhouse and shouldn't be confused with "Kaas" wich is the Dutch word for cheese. They both sound so much alike to me that I am pretty sure I told my neighbor the other day that my plants were growing just fine in the cheese! We finally set up our Kas and here are the pics! The above photo is part of my backyard. For Dutch standards I have a fairly large patio area..for me though it's super small and drives me nuts.
      We started by laying all the poles out by their number sequence. We bought the greenhouse specifically with my husband in mind. He is 6 foot 4 and needed to beable to walk inside and stand straight although I knew it was going to be was still a shock when I saw it come together.
    I've lost my backyard space! You'll have to ignore the paint on top of the garage area. I am working on scraping that all off to repaint over it. You can also see my severly cut down Butterfly Bush that is busy growing and getting bigger by the day.
     Ta-Da! all finished :) Thankfully we still have enough space to sit outside and grill this summer. I can't tell you how excited I am that I can walk inside my greenhouse and pick out veggies to throw on the grill! We have 16 pepper plants,2 regular cucumber plants, 2 lemon cucumber plants,4 eggplant pots,one green striped tomato pot and 5 eight ball zucchini pots!! I'm going to beable to open up my own produce stand this summer :)
      Here is a pick of one of my cucumber plants happily growing. Is anyone planting a garden this year? if so, what are you growing?