Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday's In My City...

               Wow it's sunday again already! As promised here are the zoo pics from my trip there last week. Like most zoo's there were things I loved and others I did not. This zoo had the nastiest windows to look through. Alot of my photos didn't come out because of the glare or all you could see were sneeze and hand marks.
       What I did love was the time spent with expat friends and getting to catch up with everyone. I don't have a bunch of friends but the few I have I am so thankful for.
         These poor guys have the nickname of 'Jackass Penguins"
       When they open up their mouthes they sound just like a donkey.
        The animals were loving the sun.They kept their eyes closed and faces towards the sun : )
        He looks like he's smiling : )
      I gotta tell ya..these guys are not my faves
        They remind me of the character in The Dark Crystal,the Skeksis.
      Anyway that was my sunday last week. We had a wonderful time walking through the park with friends and getting to enjoy some much needed sun! I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead. Please head over to Unknown Mami and join in on sharing a piece of your world with the rest of us.
Unknown Mami